Target Competitors Customers

What: Find your competitors customers and make them your own.

How: Find customers who are using your competitors hashtags, who follow, like and comment on their pages, and who geotag themselves at their businesses. 

For Example: Let's say you're an online fashion retailer. You can find your competitors branded hashtags and reach out to people using it. Better yet, you can even find which of their customers are buying their products online and then uploading themselves wearing them. These customers are gold dust, but you can find 100's in a day doing this. They are special because they're the ones that organically spread awareness about your brand to drive wider sales.

Real World Guide: To try this yourself, head to your Instagram competitors profile then go to the 'tagged' section in their profile. Below is an example of how we're currently doing this for an online female athletics clothing store. Here with @fabletics and @fashionnova we target outreach on behalf of our clients by finding people who tag themsleves wearing the brand in their posts. In addition to that you can also see examples of some brand hashtags we hijack too for some of our online fashion store clients.

Special Tip For PHYSICAL Businesses: Let's say you're a spa. For you, you don't want to waste time reaching people in another country. So, instead you should find local businesses and target those. Specifically you should monitor customers of competitors such as those geotagging themselves at local gyms, fitness trails, healthy foods spots and more in this niche. Below you can see an example of how we help spa's reach more locals interested in fitness in the Los Angeles area.

Below is an example of someone in the LA area geotagging themselves at Equinox in Hollywood. We shortly DM'd him an invitation to dine with us after his workout (for a local LA restaurant client).


Fake Influencers

What: Before you work with any influencers, scan their followings to see what percentage are fake. You can do this for free at www.socialiq.agency/audit.

Benefit: Stop wasting money with fake influencers.


Ask Questions

Benefit: Increased your posts engagement and long-term reach. 

How: In every post you should include a question, or a call to action that gets your audience to either comment, like, save or share that post. The reason for this is that these add up in Instagram's algorithm to increase your posts visibility and chances of going viral.


Engagement Groups

Benefit: Go viral.

How: Engagement groups fool the Instagram algorithm to help you go viral. They work by increasing your engagement which then increases the odds and duration of your post being featured on the 'Explore' page. The most effective engagement groups are 'Saves' engagement groups. This is because of the 'engagement hierarchy', where IG doesn't rank all engagement equally in the algorithm. As you "like" a lot fo content the algorithm doesn't give as much important to likes as it does 'saves' when judging if a post is good to enough to give more reach and feature on the 'Explore' page to go viral. Join our engagement groups here.


BONUS: Co-livestream with others

Benefit: Reach 'Top Lives' on Instagram and go viral.

How: Collaborate with other brands and influencers by going 'live' with each other on Instagram (co-livestreams). When you do this your audiences will be shared and you'll both grow as a result.

Viral Secret: If you coordinate these co-livestreams back-to-back with other models, each time another model joins your live stream she will bring her audience. Once she leaves, this audience will still stay with your live stream. If you keep repeating this with other models back-to-back you will gain enough lives stream viewers from their combined following joining to reach the 'Top Livestreams' on Instagram to be featured on the 'Explore' page. This will then drive a viral amount of new potential followers to your live stream, as people will be finding you via the 'Explore' page. You can find other brands and influences who are interested in this livestream collaboration with our Connect Collab app, download it for free here.


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