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4 billion+ social views

0 to 15 million+

Facebook likes

0 to 6 million+ 

Instagram followers


"We get you news, TV and media coverage to help:


1. Increase your sales,

2. Help you raise investor money,

4. Improve your SEO,

5. Reach new audiences"

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Benefits of strategic PR:

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Press: For Sales


Step 1: 

Show off your press on website and landing pages. This gives immediate social validation, and trust for your brand, helping to imrpove your sales and conversion rates from any website traffic.

Co-Founder / @heyimadam

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Want to use press to drive more sales? 

We do it in 2 steps:

Step 2: 

Use your media coverage in ads. Check out our example where Zen Botanics uses press coverage for an ad in their sales funnel.  Here we run a Facebook ad on a article feature on the brand. Once people tap on the article we can track and retarget them even though they're on This is because we embed tracking tools on the links.  On top of this in the example you can see buttons and ads we can put on these too, so while people read the coverage you can direct them back to your site to convert with a button and offer/message.

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Press: For Investors

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"Whether you're bootstrapping, raising a small friends and family round, or raising $100 million like one of our recent projects, GEAR Blockchain, we can help.

Co-Founder / @vikpathak

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Using placements in business publications from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc, The Financial Times and many more, we help you reach and attract new investors. In your free consultation we can help craft the perfect strategy for your needs".

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Google has 3.8 million searches per minute

How does it decide where to send this traffic?


Search engines like Google use SEO (search engine optimization) to give their users the best, most reliable results at this insane scale. When deciding what sites to rank on the first page of results suggestions, sites like Google want to make sure to only show reliable, trustworthy suggestions. One way they decide this is by seeing what other sites link to and talk about you. If a lot of other well respected sites link to you, this indicates that you're trustworthy. This is why having sites with strong "domain authority" like linking to your site is incredibly powerful to improve your SEO and driving organic new traffic to your site. 

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