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"We grow authentic, targeted & engaged social followings with a blend of creative strategy and a data driven approach". 

0 to 15 million+

Facebook likes

0 to 6 million+ 

Instagram followers

4 billion+ social views


Our Case Studies

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0 to 6 million+ Instagram followers


0 to 15 million+ Facebook likes


4 billion+ social views

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Our 3 Step Proccess


"First, we get creative with how we find your different customers on Instagram. See examples below.

Second, we strategically engage with and contact them, testing our different targeting (ideally around 500 times each) to see what worked best & worst.

Third, we analyze the data to find what works best for your brand. Identifying what audiences are best and worst for your targeting. With these insights we double down on what's working, kill what isn't and test new ideas from each round of testings learnings.  We repeat this optimization process every week so your growth continually improves over time."

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Real World Examples


  • Targeting your competitors customers, 

  • Targeting locations your customers post in

  • Targeting people by interest according to their Instagram activity.

Some of the ways we creatively find and target your customers are by:

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See some real world examples below.

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  • All hiking, cycling and fitness trails within a 75 mile radius, 

  • All Equinox's, 24/hr Fitness's and gyms in general a 75 mile radius, 

  • All healthy eating spots in a 75 mile radius.

Example: For a fitness store we could target and test people posting content in:

Location Based Targeting

After learning about your different customer segments we work together to find your customers online using our Instagram geo-targeting technology.


For example: For a physical fitness store we could target locals interested in fitness by targeting:

  • All hiking, cycling and fitness trails within a 75 mile radius, 

  • All Equinox's, 24/hr Fitness's and gyms in general a 75 mile radius, 

  • All healthy eating spots within a 75 mile radius.

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Competitors Ad Targeting

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Your competitors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Instagram ads. On a single ad they might have over 50,000 likes and 500 comments. These are people those companies spent money to reach, and given they are your competitors those people will likely buy your products and services too.


So, we hijack their ads for you. How does this help you exactly? It’s pretty simple, what we do is first visit all our clients competitors websites. Doing this gets us caught up in their ad funnels and cookies. Then, we head back to Instagram and refresh the feed to start seeing your competitors ads. Once you see the ad you can then target and reach out to everyone that liked, commented and tagged their friends on it. We do things like personalized interactions on scale, starting from small things like creating a customer relationships by watching their Story content, to liking a few posts and leaving unique, personalized comments, DM’s and more.


The idea is that you let your competitors spend their money finding a relevant audience. Then, once that audience starts reacting to their ads and posts, you target them, saving you from spending that money to find them to begin with. Effectively, you are hijacking your competitors ads to save money finding potential customers. We can also target your own ads, providing a completely new way to remarket your customers in a 1:1 way.

We save you money by targeting  your competitors ads.


We are proudly the only agency worldwide to offer this service.

Interest Based Targeting



Using our technology we target customers by online interests & activities.

We achieve this by using innovative targeting strategies. From things such as:

  • Targeting people according to keywords in their bio, captions (e.g. "kitten")

  • Targeting people according to keywords in their bio, (e.g. "yogi")

  • Targeting people according to their and hashtag usage (e.g. #vegan)

  • Targeting people according to influencers, brands and hashtags they follow

  • Targeting people according to specific posts they engage with 

Competitors Superfan Customer Targeting


Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.20.53 PM.png

Customers that use branded hashtags and upload content and then tag the brands are incredibly important and rare. 

These people are the ones that spread word of mouth about products to their friends genuinely. It’s these customers that actually drive a brands genuine organic viral growth.

We term these customers as “superfans”, and for customers to actually share your products on social by using branded hashtags or tagging your products in their own personal posts is a big deal. These types of customers don’t come by often.

So how does this help you?

You can increase your own brands organic viral growth by targeting the superfans of your competitors, helping you reach these grassroots viral campaigners much faster, and take them for yourself.

Here’s a working example: Take Fashion Nova, a popular clothing brand on Instagram. By going on their profile and tapping on their tagged images you can immediately see all of these superfans and free brand ambassadors. Here you have immediate, public access to your competitors most loyal customer base. From their you reach out to these competitor customers however you want, offering discounts or just kindling a relationship with some unique engagement. With Instagram now boasting over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s taking up a larger and larger percent for most brands marketing budgets. Thanks to the unique nature of the platform and creative strategies like these, you can outsmart and out hustle your competitors to use that budget more efficiently.

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