"Instagram's algorithm isn't your enemy. We make it work for you". 

0 to 15 million+

Facebook likes

0 to 6 million+ 

Instagram followers

4 billion+ social views

0 to 6 million+ Instagram followers

0 to 15 million+ Facebook likes

4 billion+ social views

Our Case Studies

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Co-Founder / @jamesshamsi

Engagement Groups

"Gone are the days of a chronological IG feeds where posts where in order. Now, because of the algorithm, everything is based on relationships. 

The algorithm is a mathematical formula used by Instagram. It's ultimate aim is to only show you the 'best' content for you. 

How does the Instagram algorithm decide what's good to show you? It looks at things like the ratio of likes: reach for your post, giving importance to different statistics differently. For example, getting a 'Save' on your post is far more helpful in improving your posts reaching and going viral than a 'like'. Why? A save indicates it's actually high quality content as users like a lot of posts, but you only really 'Save' the best. This is why our 'Save' engagement groups are so powerful.

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Co-Founder / @heyimadam

Ghost Follower Targeting & Superfan Creation

"Have a large following but have low reach? 

Have a lot of lurkers?

Want superfans?

We achieve all of this in 2 ways. First, we find your least engaged and ghost followers, then we target engagement and outreach to them to re-engage them. Then, we isolate your most engaged followers and engage back with them long-term to reward their engagement and create a life long superfan". 

Co-Founder / @vikpathak

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